"Heaven is Real!" declares Ron Pettey, a man whose amazing encounter with destiny and the supernatural realm occurred during emergency brain surgery in 1982. Since his near death experience that day and subsequent difficult recovery, Ron and his wife, Glenda, devote themselves to a ministry of sharing Ron's glorious encounter with heaven and praying for the miraculous healing for those who hurt through the power of Jesus Christ. Learn More

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“More at ease now, I noticed a low hum of voices, sounding like an auditorium filled with people. Able to hear the hum but not able to distinguish any particular conversation, I asked, “What is all this noise?” Apparently thinking my question odd, the bookkeeper returned, “Don't you know? These are all the intercessory prayers coming up on your behalf!” Read more

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Life Transformed: Painting “Golden Seeds”

I first saw Ron and Glenda on the Sid Roth Show and I got very interested in contacting them to see if Ron could do something for my condition. I have suffered with anemia from endometriosis, anxiety, UTI’s and some stomach issues. The experience of speaking with both Ron and Glenda was wonderful. I was thrilled at how accurate Ron was concerning my life and health problems. Since our session I have had no more problems with anemia, endometriosis or UTI’s.

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Dave Toran: I feel like a new man!

In late 2009, I was suffering with high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pains and was on a number of medications for these ailments.  Joe, my friend and co-worker, insisted that I call Ron and Glenda for prayer.  They spoke with me on the phone, affirming my salvation and leading me through some prayers. In the next few minutes, the most intense pain behind one of my knees was gone!

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Spanish Translation Foreword/Prefacio for “Heaven is Real”

Pastor Hector Santos has completed the Spanish translation of our book.  Furthermore, he has written his own "Prefacio," his introduction to the book, which we are blessed to post here, in English.


I’ll never forget the way I was drawn to the story of Ron Pettey, broadcast internationally on Sid Roth’s weekly TV program called “It’s Supernatural.”  Awestruck with the power of Ron’s true-life testimony, I learned he had actually died during a medical procedure, gone to heaven and then returned to share his experiences with us! Moments later, I heard myself saying, “The Hispanic community needs to hear this story!” and I knew what I had to do.

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